Living in the Country, where everything is possible

World’s highest building, largest laser light and sound show, highest hotel, biggest shopping mall or the world’s longest handmade painting to raise awareness for autism – all these superlatives are found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We, non-UAE residents also called Expats, love „our“ city not only for this exceptional records, but for its cultural diversity, safety, openness and for the fact, that everything is possible.

As you might now, as a non-UAE citizen, you can’t just emigrate to the United Arab Emirates. Everyone who is living here has a valid residence visa, which is generally provided by the employer, the university or the family (Wife/Husband/Parents). The residency in this cases is always related and therefore dependent from this external influences.

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Implementation of the all new gold card visa

In 2019 – one year before world’s greatest show, EXPO 2020 – the UAE established an all new and independent residence visa. The gold card visa allows people with special talents, extraordinary students and investors to permanently live in the country of never-ending sunny beach days.

Special talents such as researchers in fields of science and knowledge such as doctors, professors, specialists or scientists and investors, that invest at least 10 million Dirhams are able to apply for the ten-year gold card visa. Outstanding students and investors, that invest at least 5 million Dirhams in the UAE market as well as entrepreneurs with a project capital of more than 500,000 Dirhams can apply for a five-year gold card visa. Most of the opportunities include visas for spouse and kids, family and/or business partners or employees.

Difference between “normal” residence visa and gold card visa

The gold card visa does not require any form of sponsorship nor do gender, age and nationality have any impact on the application. Regardless of all external influences is the talent, the investment or the business idea solely crucial to apply for the gold card visa.

Further to that, the gold card visa can be seen as some kind of a permanent visa as per the fact that “normal” residence visas need to be renewed each or every 2 years. Last but not least, non-UAE citizens having the gold card visa are able to travel hassle-free, even leaving the UAE for more than 6 months are possible without problems.


You would like to learn more about the gold card visa? Please check HERE  and follow @icauae on Instagram #GoldenLifeUAE #GoldCardVisaUAE

If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments.

Xoxo Luisa

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